BSP Customization Services

Delivering custom board support package (BSP) with best performance of all peripherals and system.


A vast number of embedded devices are getting rolled out in different areas such as mobility, healthcare, automobile, robotics, automation, aerospace, and many more. Picus Tech Software is highly proficient in adapting the standard BSP releases and fine-tuning it for custom use-cases, over various target platforms. We have extensive knowledge of OS porting, board bring-up, driver development and enhancements that provides the customer the necessary expertise in accomplishment of performance goals and deadlines.

Our services are widely used by customers for various embedded devices, which have been deployed in field.





Take advantage of our porting services on wide range of embedded platforms. We have deep domain knowledge on porting services and board bring-up. We support multiple BSP Porting services which includes various areas like, Up-porting OS (Lower version to Upper version of BSP), Back porting OS (Upper version to Lower version of BSP), etc. Along with porting services we also deliver board bring-up solutions for multi core SoCs. We support booting Embedded HWs with Linux, QNX, FreeRTOS, MQX and AutoSAR.


Driver Development

We have vast experience in various driver development and customization support for different SoCs and across different OS for multicores. The list of the modules is not limited to Audio (SSI, SAI, ESAI, SPDIF, I2S), MIPI (CSI, Parallel, DSI), USB, I2C, SPI, UART, Display Processors, Image Processors, Ethernet and ISP. We also offer services for driver porting from one version of OS to another version, for example, from BareMetal to Rich OS and vice-versa. Other supported platforms are Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, AutoSAR and more.


Optimization Services

We identify, implement and evaluate software optimization techniques for efficient utilization of the drivers for best performance. We deliver system with best performance by using correct software features based on the hardware design and by avoiding unused resources. Our optimization services include boot time optimization, power optimization, graphics application optimization & code optimization services.


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