Delivering full portfolio of cryptography algorithms optimized for ARM platforms.

Picus Tech provides a full portfolio of Cryptography algorithms, optimized for ARM platforms. The implementation includes the most widely used Public Key Cryptography (RSA Encrypt/Decrypt), AES (including CCM support), Diffie-Hellman, several Hashing standards and Prime number generation support.

All the implementations fully comply with the standards. A complete cryptography suite is available for wireless USB and Zigbee standards.

Picus Tech provides an extensive suite of Cryptography functions, which can be used in wide range of embedded applications.

Our solutions are fast, compact and targeted for native processor architecture.

Picus Tech portfolio of cryptography

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)


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Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)


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Triple DES/3DES


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Other Cryptography Algorithms


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