Custom BSP and Optimization Support

Client Overview

One of the leading Korean automobile company.

Business Need

The client was working on a 64-bit multi core automotive processor system and required custom BSP with Trusted-OS and TF-A. The requirement also included Secure booting of HW along with fastboot support. All binaries and data should fall under the client designed DDR Memory map.

Project Details


  • 64-bit multicore hybrid processor system

Operating System

  • FreeRTOS, QNX, Linux

Picus Tech Contribution

  • M7 Secure boot : Enabled Secure Boot Support and Integrated HSE authentication for multiple binaries in M7 Bootloader.
  • A53 Preloader support : Developed customized A53 Bootloader for A53 secure boot purpose.
  • A53 Trusted-OS and TF-A execution : Added support for customized boot sequence with ATF, OPTEE as per desgined memory map.
  • A53 Secure boot :
    • Multiple binary authentication support using HSE in A53 Bootloader.
    • Modify u-boot for Kernel authentication support
    • Added support for the failsafe boot
    • Fastboot
    • Linux BSP Fastboot implementation to meet customer boot time requirements
  • Yocto custom BSP : Created Custom BSP supporting to generate required images along with custom modifications.

Benefits Delivered

The secure boot solution for M7 and A53 cores helps to secure the bootable images from any kind of malicious activities. The fastboot execution helps in bringing up the user space applications as quick as possible.