ISO26262 Functional Safety

Client Overview

One of the leading US based automobiles companies.

Business Need

The client was looking for a technology associate to develop an ASIL-B compliant and ISO26262 certified software solution to achieve functional safety in their target product.

Project Details


  • 64-bit multicore hybrid processor system Operating System

Operating System

  • FreeRTOS, QNX, Linux, AutoSAR and Bare metal

Picus Tech Contribution

Picus Tech provided support to develop the required software solution with stringent safety guidelines.

  • A coding standard is developed with standard set of rules and guidelines for code maintenance and readability.
  • The software solution was developed according to the V Model of ISO 26262 software development lifecycle.
  • The architectural design was prepared in prior using the UML diagrams and approved before the code development.
  • The Configuration Management and Change Management process were followed while developing the required software.
  • The code metrics, MISRA compliancy and other required quality targets were taken care of while developing the required software solution.
  • Additional safety requirements were formulated after performing safety analysis on the design and code to mitigate the possible hazards.
  • Support was provided to achieve the required traceability between the requirements-design-test using standard tools and techniques.
  • The required coverage was achieved by validating the different use-cases and scenarios in an integrated system environment.
  • Documentation required for the safety assessment and audit was completed using required templates.

Benefits Delivered

ISO26262 certified software solution was delivered to the customer that could be used by them in the production of their targeted system, compliant to functional safety.