RVC (Rear-View Camera) Support

Client Overview

One of the leading Korean automobile company

Business Need

The client was seeking a safety solution regarding RVC support with multiple customized features and image analysis mechanisms to make their solution highly reliable for the end users.

Project Details


  • 64-bit multicore hybrid processor system Operating System

Operating System

  • FreeRTOS, QNX, Linux, AutoSAR and Bare metal

Picus Tech Contribution

Picus Tech developed software from the inception to production phase:

  • Display Layer configuration and layer scaling
  • Various driver porting: DPU, Flash, I2C, UART, RPMSG lite
  • Display porting: Serializer/deserializer of display
  • QNX BSP porting on A core side
  • Camera and VPM module support
  • Camera scaling through MXC ISI
  • Camera dewarp support
  • Camera image checking and layer transparency check
  • Color space conversation
  • Communication between A core and M4 core through RPMSG
  • RPC API support to transfer information between cores through RPMSG
  • M4 and A core preloader support
  • Test framework support to validate multiple features
  • Complete sets of documents including Release notes, User guide, Integration Manual

Benefits Delivered

Customized framework with ported drivers to support varied RVC features on an application level, compliant to safety standards.