Multimedia Services

We deliver comprehensive suite of highly optimized multimedia codecs that is coded by processor experts.

Widely known, multimedia, being a homologized fusion of several media elements such as audio, video, image, speech and much more, has a vast role in the communication realm. Multimedia provides you a mesmeric experience that flourishes out your senses. Picus Tech Software is excelled in providing diversified innovative multimedia solutions to fulfil your business demands.


Audio Support

We facilitate audio technical support with latest market-driven innovations. The services include integration of audio decoder, audio codecs, post processing algorithms, driver customizations and much more. A seamless end-to-end experience is provided to our clients from initial analysis to final delivery.


Video Support

Recently, video has gained significant attention and is becoming an indispensable component in the systems used worldwide. Using our encompassing expertise over various facets of video solutions, we provide customizations to satisfy your business needs. Video codec, video processing algorithm and driver integration are a part of our trustworthy services.


Graphics Support

Graphics provide an exceptional value to the customers involved in GUI development. We offer optimized solutions for the graphics application as well as customize the GPU driver implementations so that custom-tailored requirements can be integrated.


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