Security Services

We have expertise in various hardware modules-based security infrastructure providing a higher system reliability, resilience to attacks, tamper detection and taking necessary measures to keep information safe.

Security is a big concern nowadays with the increasing number of malicious attacks, threats and vulnerabilities. Picus Tech brings advanced secure solutions of utmost reliability at the driver level to ensure the safety and security of the system against the unwanted destructive attacks.


Develop secure peripheral driver

Some SoCs provide security specific peripherals to perform activities like binary verification, limiting access to system peripherals to avoid malicious access, secure timers for tamper detection, secure key generation, etc. We've worked with variety of such peripherals to develop drivers for them to increase the system reliability and stability. Also, we have expertise in leveraging some hardware partitioning concepts to isolate the peripheral and memory usage to a certain domain or processor.


Device secure boot sequence

In-spite of all precautionary measures, attackers can always target the end system by exploiting some or the other system vulnerabilities. To safeguard the system against it, we can leverage the hardware boot image authentication provided by leading chip vendors making it possible to verify the images before they are loaded on the system to avoid loading malicious software. We can customize these boot sequences to suit the client requirements like failsafe boot or adding recovery mechanisms in case of failure detection.


Port secure peripheral drivers

Sometimes a secure peripheral driver is only available for a certain core of a SoC. Based on the various boot sequence requirements the support for these drivers may be required on another core in a multicore environment setup. We have expertise in such inter core driver porting to suffice various customer boot sequence needs.


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