Testing and Validation Services

Offering a full-fledged automated test framework that can verify system correctness with reduced cost and efforts.

To meet business requirement, the process of validating software during the development process or at the end of the development process is required. Software testing is an indispensable segment of the software development lifecycle. It becomes more crucial when the software solutions are safety-critical and need extremely high reliability.


Automated Test Framework


The embedded systems are extensively focused on real-time operations where scenarios are non-deterministic, in general. Thus, it becomes vital to replace the manual testing methodologies with automated frameworks in order to achieve better efficiency. The usage of Automated Test Framework leverages the testing speed and better resource utilization along with significantly reducing the maintenance costs and manual intervention. It also reduces time for regression testing when multiple releases are involved.


Picus Tech provides support for the automated testing complemented with the software development. The automated test framework is developed in a way that exploits structuring the test scripts in a reusable manner and maintaining the consistency of test design. This is eventually beneficial in terms of scalability with distinct configurations and multiple RTOS/toolchain support based on customer requirements.