Video Codecs

Delivering most comprehensive video codecs targeted for multiple platforms.

Picus Tech has the most comprehensive portfolio of Video Codecs targeted for multiple platforms. All implementations are highly optimized for a target and provide a world class performance on the target platforms.

The codecs can be readily integrated in several ways, as libraries, as Gstreamer plugins for Linux/Android platforms.

Our codec portfolio on ARM platforms is most extensive and highly optimized to take advantage of SIMD instruction set available on ARM11 and SIMD NEON instruction set on Cortex-A8.

Evaluation versions of all codecs are available.

Picus Tech portfolio of video decoder

MPEG-1/2 Decoder


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H.263 Decoder


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H.264 Baseline Decoder


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MPEG-4 Decoder


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Picus Tech portfolio of video encoder

H.264 Baseline Encoder


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MPEG-4 Encoder


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