3D Audio Support

Client Overview

There are more than 50+ clients of 3D Audio around the world leveraging a well known 3D Audio IP provider libraries

Business Need

The clients were looking for audio products based on multiple SoCs, replacing DSP architecture with a standard ARM based library. The primary audio products include home audio video receivers (AVR) and soundbars supporting 3D Audio and Multiroom.

Project Details


  • Multiple SoC

Operating System

  • FreeRTOS, Little Kernel, Linux

Picus Tech Contribution

  • Audio Driver Development for custom hardware
  • Audio Driver has capability for latency and drift measurement
  • Implement OS Abstraction using FreeRTOS APIs.
  • Create auto-test for FreeRTOS API validation on new platforms.
  • Implement low-latency audio application in RTOS
  • Audio application running on dedicated core using RTOS with help of jailhouse
  • Inter-OS communication driver
    • Implement Linux and RTOS driver for sharing data between Linux and FreeRTOS. This driver supports interrupted transfer and very efficient.
    • Driver can be ported to another RTOS quickly
  • Proprietary 3rd party codec integration
  • HDMI DAC, ADC, PDM driver porting

Customer Support

  • Perform 3D Audio release processes for the various customers
  • 3D Audio customer release supports