Quality Assurance Services

Leveraging our expertise in quality management, we have established practices and guidelines steered for quality compliance in your business goals.

Picus Tech Software is widely experienced in Automotive domain and helps you develop ISO26262 compliant software solutions for ensuring safety compliance throughout software development lifecycle. Our quality services are aimed at minimizing the technical risks and improving the safety of the system by following stringent standardization process. It ensures that the product is quality compliant in all safety aspects and performance requirements are satisfied.

ISO26262 Functional Safety


The inflation of complexities and challenges in the automotive realm has paved way towards adherence of safety standards. ISO26262 is one such international standard used in the automotive domain to achieve functional safety.


ISO26262 mandates safety principles, processes and methodologies to steer the product development at a hardware, software and system level. The possible hazards that may evolve from the malfunctioning of Electrical and/or Electronic (E/E) systems are identified and aimed to mitigate using the risk assessment carried out under ISO26262 Concept Phase. The functional safety and technical safety requirements are then derived in correspondence to the safety goals.


The outcome of the risk assessment leads to the determination of Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL), decided by the Severity, Exposure and Controllability of the vehicle operating scenario. The safety requirements vital for the development of software are recognized by the ASIL.

Software Development Lifecycle

Picus Tech follows the stringent safety mechanisms requisitioned by ISO26262 in each phase of software development spanning requirements specification, software architectural design, unit design, implementation, integration, and testing. The reference V-model followed for software development lifecycle is as shown in figure above.

We review the customer requirements from each perspective and provide suggestions to strengthen the system functionalities. Being proficient in designing full-proof architecture, we also analyze it prior with the help of UML diagrams and pseudo codes. The development and test code are written using standard coding guidelines to ensure its efficiency.

Supporting Processes

Picus Tech offers support for identifying and assessing the gaps in the safety workflow required by ISO26262. Picus Tech follows the configuration and change management processes meticulously to ensure that the software development is carried out and maintained in a smooth and efficient manner.

We have experienced engineers that provide support for the documentation management and maintenance required by the ISO26262 standard at each phase of the software development process. Picus Tech is well acquainted with the usage of standard tools and techniques that can leverage the structured and systematic work products to be prepared.


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ISO26262 Functional Safety

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