AGL Porting on custom hardware

Client Overview

Provides software solution for telematics and cluster platforms to electric vehicle manufacturing companies.

Business Need

To demonstrate the capability of AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) integration which will cover all the ported AGL services along with testing the correct integration of the AGL APIs.

Project Details


  • 64-bit multicore hybrid processor system

Operating System

  • Linux, FreeRTOS

Picus Tech Contribution

  • Provide software development services around helping with the board bring up and AGL integration for the customer hardware
  • The AGL framework is only available for few platforms, and we integrated it on customer’s hardware
  • Provide test and validation for different AGL services including WiFi, Bluetooth, Display, Dual display, Audio, etc
  • The testing and validation approach focused on testing the correct integration of the AGL APIs and leverage the detailed driver-level BSP.

Benefits Delivered

The application provides the customer a framework for automotive applications and provides software stack for the connected cars.