FreeRTOS - Initial Code Development

Client Overview

US based robotics company

Business Need

The client was looking for the base infrastructure for Cortex-M4 code development. This infrastructure code will provide access/control to the SOC connected peripherals in a FreeRTOS framework and this can be reuse for further Customer's code development.

Project Details


  • 64-bit multicore hybrid processor system

Operating System

  • FreeRTOS

Picus Tech Contribution

  • Provided minimal setup of Cortex-M4 sample application.
  • The Command line interface (CLI) is developed to test peripherals in Run time environment from Cortex-M4
  • Integrated RPMSG stack on Cortex-M4 side to setup communication channel for remote processor application access.
  • I2C, PWM, UART, ADC drivers are developed on Cortex-M4 side in FreeRTOS environment.
  • For each peripheral interface a RPMSG handler function is developed. So that Remote processor can modify configuration of each peripheral in runtime environment.
  • An additional Test Suit is created for the stress testing of developed drivers.