G2D support for an SOC platform

Client Overview

One of the leading semiconductor company headquartered in US.

Business Need

Add feature of G2D composition using GPU APIs where SoC don't have G2D chip on it.

Project Details


  • 64-bit multicore hybrid processor system

Operating System

  • Linux

Picus Tech Contribution

  • Implement g2d_blit features using GPU API supported by Linux on an SoC BSP
  • Implemented buffer management for g2d APIs
  • Implemented memory profiler for driver
  • Implemented compute shader for alpha blending multiple surfaces
  • Improve performance of G2D operation by tweaking rendering operation
  • Improve performance of compute shader to reach performance close to DPU performance.

Benefits Delivered

Existing G2D API based solution can be executed on entire SoC family (which does not have G2D chip but supports GPU interface).