GPU Services

Client Overview

One of the leading company specialized in calculator and musical instruments

Business Need

The customer want to have GPU driver ported to their proprietary RTOS. We implemented necessary software interfaces for GPU driver. We also need to implement an auto-test suite that allows validation of more than 90k test cases for various GPU cases, to match driver output with Linux equivalence. We also implemented necessary low-power-mode transition support for GPU.

Project Details


  • Multiple Families of SoC

Operating System

  • GHS Integrity, Android, Linux

Picus Tech Contribution

  • Provide GPU driver support
  • Re-create customer reported GPU driver issues in BSPs.
  • Implement fixes in GPU driver
  • Identify and implement memory optimization in GPU driver
  • Optimize customer code with specific direct hardware acceleration
  • Perform CTS verification
  • Add GPU benchmarks in internal test suite
  • Perform GPU benchmarking