Upgrade legacy BSP to newer kernel

Client Overview

One of the leading USA based company specialized in monitoring traffic in large stores.

Business Need

Company has more than 80k deployed units in the field and to meet newer stricter CVE norms, they were upgrading their legacy BSP.

Project Details


  • MPC875 based customer design

Operating System

  • Linux

Picus Tech Contribution

  • Customer product was special low-power device with more than 80k units deployed world-wide. Customer had legacy BSP and they want to improve security of their solution (Legacy BSP had large number of CVEs) and upgrade their solution without affecting downtime of existing solution.
  • We identified what is max possible kernel version in which product can upgraded without u-boot upgrade.
  • We identified toolchains which will be best suited for this upgrade
  • We upgraded kernel drivers
    • UART RS485
    • UART RS232
    • LED
    • Ethernet
    • MTD
  • We upgraded user-space packages.
  • Each driver performance before and after upgrade was identical.
  • After upgrade we had faced boot time increase, we did necessary mitigation to bring down boot-time below acceptable threshold.